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Private Owned Nursery

This Nursery has 5 sites within East Yorkshire and all their colour and black & white printing was produced using A4 desktop colour printers. Their average monthly cost for printing had spiralled out of control and amounted to over £1000 per month for all 5 sites.

We met with the company and performed an assessment of their needs. We identified that the lack of overall support they had meant that costs for supplies were massively different at each site. It also meant that when they had a problem, they often resorted to buying a new printer when anything went wrong. With a high volume of printing required for their newsletters, stationery, posters and display material we recommended installing a Sharp MX2640 at each site with on-going support, resulting in a massive 38.9% reduction in their print expenditure.

“The service we received from CPS was second-to-none from start to finish! We had all 5 sites operational within 2 weeks of placing the order with Andy, and the service we received from their support team was outstanding – they knew exactly what we wanted and how we wanted the system to work. If we had any issues they were very responsive and are always here within 4 hours of us reporting a fault. We would definitely recommend CPS to any type of business no matter what their requirements are.”

Managing Director