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Print Release


Control is the first step towards efficiency. And Sharp's Print Release Software (MX-SW100) is an easy way to take control. With fewer visits to the MFP, less waste, greater accountability and better document security, this is office efficiency in action.

Simply print as normal, then, when it's convenient, walk up to the MFP of your choice and log on. As soon as you're recognised you can print out (or delete) any and all of your documents, leave some for later, or use Document Filing to archive them.

Choose how many copies you want; decide on colour or black & white; single- or double-sided; what paper size and which finishing options. A handy on-screen preview feature illustrates the result, making everything easy and intuitive.

Powerful network authentication, implemented with swipecards or username/password combinations, makes it easy to keep your sensitive information secure.

Our Print Release Software can create detailed reports of who printed what, and when. You'll learn which MFPs are being under- or over-used so you can put the right machine in the right place. And if an MFP is being shared between two or more workgroups you can use the reports to apportion the costs.

Technical Specs

Easy to use pull printing software
Secure printing with user authentication
Minimise paper wastage
Collect documents from the MFP of your choice
No more confidential documents left unattended at the MFP
Cost effective and simple print workflow integration with Sharp OSA
Detailed reports on printing activity