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Big Pad PN80TC3 Touchscreen

PN-80TC3 80” BIG PAD Pro Interactive Touchscreen


Sharp's BIG PAD Pro PN-80TC3 is the ultimate premium model for corporate office meetings and demanding mission-critical collaborative working environments. Building on a unique pioneering IWB legacy, the PN-80TC3 represents Sharp's latest innovative insight and unparalleled experience in providing optimised and dedicated collaborative touchscreen solutions. 

Offering state-of-the-art collaboration with the outstandingly smooth projected capacitive (P-CAP) touch technology, Sharp’s new flagship 80” BIG PAD Pro is re-inventing teamwork with Creative, Productive and Decisive meetings for professional collaboration. 

Sharp’s premium 80” BIG PAD Pro is equipped with a fast, responsive and intuitive projected-capacitive 10-point multi-touch, which has been optimised for demanding meeting rooms, lecture theatres and mission-critical war-room environments. Enhanced team communication and the capturing of all creative expression means that the best conditions for decisive and productive collaboration are achieved. 

The acclaimed, smart and intuitive SHARP Pen Software opens up new ways for brainstorming, sharing ideas and finalising decisions. Powerful, flexible and technologically innovative, Sharp’s BIG PAD Pro PN-80TC3 provides an outstanding collaboration platform to encourage creativity, boost meeting productivity and enhance effective decision making. 

Using one BIG PAD Pro is good. Using two BIG PAD Pros in the powerful Multi-Board configuration is even better! BIG PAD pros can be linked together to operate as a single collaboration surface. The SHARP Touch Viewer Software also offers an easy-to-use interface and file system to collect and organise data from different collaborative projects.

Technical Specs

BIG PAD for demanding office, education and mission-critical environments
80" (203,2cm) size with 1920 x 1080 pixels
Smooth, highly responsive P-CAP 10-point touch with up to 4 users
Seamless flat bezel for optimised multi-board configurations
Sharp's unique UV2A LCD technology for high visual clarity
SHARP Pen Software for intuitive writing, drawing and annotation
SHARP Display Connect for latest BYOD wireless interconnectivity
SHARP Touch Viewer Software for organising collaboration data