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Skywell® 5TE


Smart water for the smart business.

The Skywell takes in ambient air and collects moisture through condensation. Advanced monitoring technology, in combination with six filters, two ultraviolet lights and ozone treatment, ensures the purity of every drop of water. Plus, it’s continually monitored to guarantee high quality, clarity and flavour.

Change your business

To get the benefits of an agile, connected workforce, you know a smart business is vital. With the Skywell, you can reduce plastic waste, and make life easier for your employees, customers and visitors. It’s a convenient, portable way to provide water. You can put the Skywell exactly where you want. From conference rooms and busy hallways, to event set-up and outdoor offices, you can provide fresh, clean water anywhere. Connect it to a power source and you’re ready to go. Plus, it generates up to 18 litres of clean drinking water every day, so you don’t need to worry about running out.

Change your routine

People know more and more about the health problems caused by dehydration. So, when you combine the eco-friendly nature of the Skywell with its ability to track water intake, you’ve got a device that people will love. Users can access statistics about how much water they’re drinking. And they can even set daily drinking goals. Plus, its interactive touchscreen and dashboard lets you quickly and easily adjust settings like water temperature. Whether you want hot water for tea, coffee or food, or a cold, refreshing glass of water, it’s ready instantly.

Change your environment

Environmental targets and social responsibility requirements are getting tougher to meet. The Skywell is an easy way to lower your impact on the world. It reduces your reliance on plastic. And it cuts down your carbon footprint, thanks to a lack of pumping, shipping or delivery. Unlike traditional water coolers, it doesn’t have large vehicles delivering bottles that require handling or storage. Even better, it lets you wave goodbye to single-use plastic – a huge global issue. Thanks to the Skywell’s smart interactive app, you can monitor the positive environmental impacts you make. And this easy access to statistics is perfect for compiling company reports and Current Water Level press releases.

Technical Specs

Model - 5TE
Dimensions - 1235 x 327 x 507mm (HxWxD)
Weight (approx.) - 75 Kg
Power requirements - Rated local AC voltage ±10%, 50/60 Hz
Energy consumption (max.) - 1.01kW (220 to 240V)
Sound level - 53dB
Refridgerant types - R134a & R410a
Cold water power - 70W
Hot water power - 850W
Dispense temp. range - 2.8°C - 97.8°C
Collection tank capacity (litres) - 6
Cold tank capacity (litres) - 10
Hot tank capacity (litres) - 0.8
Warranty - 1 year on device, 5 years on compressor